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Welcome to Rock Mapper. This guide will help you to get started in no time.
Face maps provide important geological information in an underground mine. They help to reduce geotechnical risk, improve ore recovery and can be utilised for 3D geological modelling, domaining and resource modelling purposes. Traditionally, such maps are hand-drawn on paper for each face, then scanned, manually georeferenced and digitized. A very time-consuming and convoluted process.
In October 2018 the development of Rock Mapper started. Rock Mapper is an iOS app that runs on any Apple iPad that supports iOS 13 or later. Rock Mapper is easy and intuitive to use and it allows to standardize and streamline daily underground face mapping and face sampling procedures. In July 2020 Rock Mapper was officially released on the App Store as a free app with an optional paid cloud account. The latter gives the user full access to all data in near real-time in a consistent and georeferenced format.

Rock Mapper is the world's 1st cloud-enabled underground face mapping and sampling app

Rock Mapper enables the direct use of mapping data and georeferenced face photographs in 3D modelling software packages such as Leapfrog Geo, Leapfrog Works, Micromine, Maptek Vulcan, GEM4D, GEOREKA or Surpac. Sampling data is made available in CSV format for direct import into a database and immidiately available for domaining and grade control purposes. No time-consuming manual digitisation of paper-based face maps and sampling sheets needed anymore.

Rock Mapper allows to make better informed decisions by accelerating and simplifying access to face data

We are in the process of adding 3D Scanning (LiDAR) cabapilities to Rock Mapper in the near future. Watch this space.

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