File Formats

Rock Mapper generates files that are compatible with various 3D modelling software packages and open-source software such as:

Leapfrog Geo
Leapfrog Works
Maptek Vulcan
Petex Move
.... and more

Rock Mapper uses following file formats when storing data in the cloud and/or locally on a computer:


Face photographs (with and without annotations embedded)


Sampling report (example PDF, 538 KB)
Mapping report (example PDF, 518 KB)


Face outline (line vertices)
Lithological contacts (line vertices with metadata)
Structures (line vertices with metadata)
Scribbles (line vertices with metadata)
POIs (points with metadata)
Point samples (points with metadata)
Line samples (sample collar/survey file + sample interval/segment file)
Report field values (spreadsheet)
Face metadata (spreadsheet)


Raw mapping data (all vertices and all face metadata combined in a single file, ASCII format; suitable for AI / ML)


3D registered face photographs/maps (stored as textured mesh)

Download example dataset (ZIP, 4.5MB)

All file formats are non-proprietary, 'human-readable' and supported by most 3D modelling software packages. DXF file format for lines/points will be included in a future version of Rock Mapper.

File naming convention

No more guessing. A simple file naming convention allows you to easily identify each individual file. Each file includes an unique FaceID.

FaceID = Level_Region_FaceNumber_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS
Example: 1000_Everest_F1_20200611_141211

Mapping file: FaceID_mapping.csv
Face outline: FaceID_outline.csv
Face photograph: FaceID.jpg
Annotated face photograph: FaceID_annotation.jpg
Georeferenced mesh for face photograph: FaceID.obj
Georeferenced mesh for annotated face photograph: FaceID_annotation.obj
Sampling report: FaceID_sampling_report.pdf
Mapping report: FaceID_mapping_report.pdf
Area values for sampling domains: FaceID_area.csv
Sampling domains: FaceID_domains.csv
Point samples: FaceID_point_samples.csv
Line samples: FaceID_line_samples.csv
Sample line collar point & survey info: FaceID_line_sample_collar.csv
Laser station / reference points: Laser_locations.csv
Report fields: FaceID_report_fields.csv
Face metadata (e.g., heading, author, etc): FaceID_metadata.csv

Example for point samples: 1000_Everest_F1_20200611_141211_point_samples.csv

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